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Megan MitchellSource: NSW Commission for Children and Young People

Megan Mitchell
Source: NSW Commission for Children and Young People

Australia Appoints its First National Children’s Commissioner

Monday saw the appointment of Australia’s first National Children’s Commissioner. Megan Mitchell, the current NSW Commissioner for Children and Young People, will assume the post on 25 March 2013, for a period of five years. Regarding Rights contributor Mhairi Cowden’s examination of the role of the Commissioner, published earlier this year, suggests that the new Commissioner will need to “engage in child centred approaches to representation” if the position is going to effectively protect and promote children’s rights in Australia.

Congratulations to Paola Forgione

Regarding Rights congratulates contributor Paola Forgione on successfully defending her PhD!

Extraordinary Rendition and Human Rights: The Case of Khaled El-Masri

Next week’s post, written by Rumyana Grozdanova, will examine the recent European Court of Human Rights decision in the case of Kahled El-Masri. El-Masri, a German national, was first detained by Macedonian border security and then rendered by the CIA to the “Salt Pit” prison in Kabul. The European Court of Human Rights judgment is the first to consider the human rights implications of his treatment.


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