Regarding Rights

Academic and activist perspectives on human rights


Regarding Rights is a new initiative by the Centre for International Governance and Justice (CIGJ). Under the auspices of Professor Hilary Charlesworth’s ARC Laureate Fellowship Project ‘Strengthening the international human rights system: rights, regulation and ritualism’,  Regarding Rights will provide a forum for voices from activism and academia to comment on important issues in human rights.

The editors of Regarding Rights are Benjamin Authers and Emma Larking, who are both postdoctoral fellows on ‘Strengthening the international human rights system’.

Ben’s background is in law and literary studies, and his research examines how a variety of literary, legal, and political texts engage with the promises of human rights and humanitarianism, as well as the possibilities presented by cultural production for strengthening rights systems.

Emma’s background is in law and political philosophy. As well as identifying mechanisms to encourage and support genuine rights realisation, her current research explores the limitations of rights language and the implications for social justice and political dissent of the now overwhelming dominance of this language.

Interested contributors are invited to contact

Benjamin Authers at or

Emma Larking at


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